Internet Safety

Staying Safe Online

It is important everyone, but particularly children, is aware of the importance of staying safe online. In school we promote the safe use of the internet regularly and would strongly recommend that parents are vigilant in ensuring their children use the guidelines listed below at home to help them know how to stay safe and recognise the potential dangers better:

  1. Make sure that you don’t give out personal information over the internet
  2. Only make friends with people you are friends with in real life. Remember that people may not be who they say they are online
  3. Make sure you only use the internet for things which are suitable for your age
  4. Talk to an adult if someone on the internet makes you feel uncomfortable
  5. Concerns should be reported to CEOP or the police online if necessary

There are also very helpful age appropriate resources  and videos available on the CEOP and thinkuknow website.

Safer Internet Day – 6th February 2018   Some great resources for Parents and carers on the website supporting this event .

Additional Internet Safety Information and Resources

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