Back to School

What should the bairns bring to school?  

The Parent Council tell us that a list of items to bring to school would be really helpful for folk, so here it is.

School uniform – we encourage children to wear school uniform, sweatshirt and t-shirt but this is not compulsory. Our Top Swap shop is open during school hours, there you can drop off and take school uniform. Donations are welcome but not required when taking items. You can also purchase a range of school tops from Logo Orkney and Trek and Travel. Our school uniform colour is blue if you wish to buy uniform-style clothes without a school logo from other suppliers.

We have a lot of lost property and we cannot stress enough that pupils’ names need to be added to jackets as jackets get muddled and easily lost. A sharpie pen on the label does this easily without sewing or ironing on name tags! (But if you are keen, they are also super!) A waterproof jacket in all seasons is recommended.

Wellies need a wooden clothes peg if you have it, sharpie pen the name on that and the wellies and we have a fighting chance of locating the owners!

Spare socks – children often get wet feet. Puddles are fun, a spare pair of socks in the school bag is always handy!

School bag– needs to be big enough to accommodate the list below, and to fit a A4 sized folder for reading books.

Pencil Case – some pencil cases are simply fabulous you could pack a full packed lunch inside them! We would recommend however that pencil cases are not too huge, as there is limited space on pupils desks and drawers.

• Pencils – these should be HB Staedtler pencils, which tend to last the longest and can survive conditions which other pencils don’t. You can often get them on offer in Tesco when the “Back to school” range begins.

• A good rubber is also essential – again Staedtler rubbers tend not to give you those black marks!

• A sharpener is handy but not essential.

• If you are going to buy a ruler the 30cm rulers are the best as the short rulers are often not long enough for the children.

• We use whiteboard pens all the time, so a black whiteboard pen would be great. (Other colours are available!) • Colouring-in pencils and pens are super, but please do not send your child in to school with Sharpie pens. They offer lovely colours, but they soak right through paper and can damage tables and clothing.

PE Kit – we expect children to change for PE, we have 2 hours of PE each week. Children should have appropriate trainers for PE, they can wear leggings or shorts but NO jeans for PE please. A spare T-shirt to change into is also needed. It is good to have a PE kit bag which stays in school and is taken home from time to time.

Art Apron – this could be an old t-shirt or shirt that belongs to a grown up at home so long as it covers sleeves, it will be perfect! Please put your child’s name on this too.

Packed Lunch – A lunch box or bag, again with your children’s name, on is important. No glass items should be included. A plastic water bottle is preferred