How we Communicate

In direct response to your feedback on how we could improve parental engagement and communications, we have made changes to try and improve lines of communication between home and school.

SeesawSeesaw Login

Introduced at Papdale fully in 2021-22, Seesaw has already been identified by parents and carers as the preferred method of sharing school information. We will continue to develop and improve our use of this platform with your input.

Groupcall Xpressions App

The free to download and use Groupcall Xpressions app can be installed on mobile phones or tablets providing we have your correct mobile and email addresses on the school systems. The Xpressions app combines the benefits of text messaging and emails and allows us to sent text messages free of charge.  Once you have installed and set up the Xpressions app you will be able to use it to receive school information updates affecting your child and respond to any requests contained in messages instantly. For more information on the Expressions app click on this web link.

Both Groupcall and Seesaw are significantly improving communications between home and school in an environmentally sustainable way.

For these new initiatives to work it is vital that the contact details we hold for your child are up to date so please ensure that we are informed if there are any changes.



Our Facebook page exists to increase awareness of school events, provide notifications, reminders and general information.


Email is another preferred method of communicating with parents because it is environmentally friendly, cost effective and allows us to attach documents that may contain important information (i.e school trips etc)

Text Messaging

Texts are only used for time-sensitive information (i.e school closures etc). As there is a cost involved for the school to send text messages we encourage all parents to sign up to the Groupcall Xpressions app. which allows us to send texts free of charge.