About Us

Papdale Primary School

Papdale Primary School nurtures and supports the learning and development of children from nursery through to primary 7 and is situated in Kirkwall, the main town of Orkney. Our catchment area serves the eastern and central part of the town and surrounding parish of St.Ola.  Currently about 540 children attend the school and nursery.

A key strength of the school is diversity of experience within our staff team.  The School is led by a Senior Leadership Team (SLT) comprising the Headteacher, two Depute Heads, two Principal Teachers (Pupil Support and Early & First Levels) and a Business Manager.

The SLT is supported by a dedicated team of teachers, early years support staff, support for learning assistants, janitors, auxiliaries and office staff.  

Papdale is also fortunate to supported by an excellent team of visiting teachers of expressive arts and instrumental tutors, and an award winning school meals team.