School Meals


The school lunch menu runs to an 8 week cycle. The menus are planned taking into account pupil preferences and “The Nutritional Requirements for Food and Drink in Schools (Scotland) Regulations 2008”.

The regulations specify nutritional targets for school meals. This includes maximum targets for salt, sugar and fats and minimum targets for nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Some products are banned (confectionary, crisps, some drinks, some fats), some are restricted (no more than 3 fried items per week) whilst others must be included (2 types of fruit and vegetables must be available each day, fish must be served at least once per week, oily fish must be served at least once every 3 weeks).

Menus are checked using a computer programme to ensure that they meet the standards required.

New guidance on the choices children will have for their school meal was issued to all parents in May 2015 and can be viewed by using this link


The school meals service try to ensure that all meal choices are available to all children however there are occasions when this has not been possible.
A letter was sent to parents in December 2016 to outline the statistics and provide information on measures to try and improve performance.

Meal shortage statistics and information Dec 2016

Buying Lunch Tickets

From 16th April 2021 school meals cost £2.60 per day for a 2 course meal. We would discourage parents from sending children to school with cash to pay for their school meals and recommend that all parents purchase their child’s school meal tickets in advance.
From Monday 10th May 2021 tickets can be purchased online by using the link below and following the on screen prompts. Any tickets purchased will be sent home with your child no later than the day after online purchase.
Tickets can also available from the school kitchen between 8.00 and 11.00am or by arrangement from the School Catering office by  telephone on 01856 879238. Payment can be made by cash or cheque. All cheques must include cheque card number on the reverse of the cheque.

Free School Meals

The entitlement to free school meals is means tested based on an assessment of the family income. To find out more on school meals and clothing allowance entitlement click the link to the information leaflet below, visit the OIC website or contact OIC, Education Leisure and Housing Department , Tel 01856 873535.

Free School Meals and Clothing Application 2021-22

From January 2015 all P1 to P3 children are entitled to free school meals as part of a Scottish Government initiative.


School meals are inspected as part of the school inspection. The inspection includes analysis of the menus as well as observation of service and discussion with staff and pupils.

 School Dinner Survey Results

School Dinners Survey results form
School Meals Survey Results Extra Info