Information for Parents

This page contains links to surveys, reports, questionnaires and other information on school related matters. There are also links to education related websites which may be of interest to you.

If there are other websites you are aware of that you feel would be helpful to add please contact the school.

Online Learning Instruction Video – Jan 21

School Policies and Planning

School Improvement Plan 2021-22 
Standards and Qualities Report 2020-21
Parent Handbook – Jun 21
Parent Handbook – 15 March 2021

Parent Handbook – 22 February 2021

Return to School Parent Handbook January 2021

Supporting Virtual Learning January 2021

Virtual School Parent Handbook January 2021
Parent Handbook 2020-21

Pre school hand book 2020-21
Standards and Qualities Report 2019-20
School Improvement Plan 2019-20
Remote Strategy Parent Handbook 2020-21
Anti Bullying Policy
Relationships Policy 2020
Attendance Matters:  A guide for Parents and Carers

School Calendar
School Map

Parent and Carers Newsletter

18 June 2020
4 June 2020

 Surveys and Reports

School Travel Plan 2020
Papdale School Travel Survey 2019

Outdoor Education Report 2017
Assessment – A guide to Parents and Carers

How Good is our School – Guidance for Scottish Government 
Feedback from Nursery Parent Presentations and Join-in times  November 2015 to March 2016
National Improvement Framework – 2017
Nursery Parents Survey – October 2015.
Care Inspectorate – Papdale Early Learning and Childcare Report April 2016
Our School Parents Questionnaire October 2015 – How do parents feel about what  we do and how we do it
Parking Safety at Papdale –  Advice to Parents Oct 2017 – A letter issued by the Parent Council and Papdale Primary School jointly after consultation with the Police and Local Authority.
New Playground Survey –   A  questionnaire completed in November 2014 by the children on the new playground facilities after the playground development .
 Active Schools Report 2014-15
Sharing learning – Report to parents


 Additional Information

Getting to School
How we Communicate
Health and Wellbeing
Internet Safety
Parent Council
School Calendar    (2 additional in service dates: 12th Feb & 2 Jun 2020)
School Exit Doors – at the end of the school day
School Map
School Meals
School Uniform

Links to other websites you might find helpful

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