School Uniform

We strongly encourage all pupils to wear a Papdale School top. We believe that this has many advantages. We are eager to promote high standards in all aspects of school life and hope that this is reflected in the school’s dress code. Clearly, a successful dress code depends heavily on a partnership with parents. We are grateful for your support on this issue. We have recently expanded the range of options to encourage greater participation

School Dress Code

There are now two local suppliers of Papdale Primary School  tops and the range of available options and styles has also increased. The suppliers are listed below along with links to their range and price list.

Trek and Travel                                            Logo Orkney
15/17 Bridge Street                                      48 Albert Street
Kirkwall                                                             Kirkwall

        Trek & Travel Uniform Price List         Logo Orkney Uniform Price List

You can also purchase ethical school tops online from Koolsckools, a registered Fairtrade supplier. For more information  check out their website at .
These tops can only be purchased online by clicking the link below:

Ethical uniform online ordering

Recycled School Tops

If you are looking for a school top for your child you may want to look at Papdale TOPSHOP clothes rail which offers a range of styles and sizes of second-hand school tops for a small donation to school funds.
If you would like to view the range available or you to donate school tops that your children have grown out of please call past the school reception at the main entrance for more information.

School Clothing Allowance

Your child may be entitled to a  Clothing Allowance from the local authority. This is a means-tested allowance based on an assessment of the family income. To find out more on entitlement click on the link to the information leaflet below, visit the OIC website or contact OIC, Education, Leisure and Housing Department , Tel 01856 873535

Free School Meals and Clothing Application 2021-22