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Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Smart.

Fireworks season can be a very stressful time for many people across the country. This year, there will be limited public fireworks events because of the pandemic so we are asking the public to be safe, be kind and be smart around fireworks.

We have taken a multi-agency approach and have formed a partnership to work together with one clear message to everyone in Scotland. Please consider #FireworkSafety.

Young people are more likely to be the victim of an accident or injured in the use of fireworks and around bonfires. Are you responsible for the wellbeing of a young person in Scotland? Are you a teacher, a parent or carer? Then please support #FireworkSafety and help us keep young people safe from harm and help inform them of the dangers.

We need young people and their families to:

Be Safe

Follow the fireworks code here.

Don’t gather in groups or attend unofficial bonfires or events.

Be Kind

Respect those around you, your neighbours, your community, animals in the area and the environment. Find advice specific to animals here.

Respect and support those who are there to help you like the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Police and NHS.

Be Smart

If it feels wrong or dangerous, walk away.

Know what to do if someone gets hurt or you see something that worries you.

You can report fireworks misuse or deliberate fire raising to Police Scotland by calling 101 or if you’re 11+ you can #BeFearless in speaking up about WHO is responsible for crime 100% anonymously at

In an emergency ALWAYS dial 999

Not following our #FireworkSafety guidance could end in tragic consequences. Meet Ben who was seriously injured by a firework when just four years old. Watching Ben’s video highlights the dangers for everyone and how important it is to Be Safe, Be Kind and Be Smart.  However, please use caution when showing this video to young children as it contains images of severe scarring. We recommend parents, teachers and guardians view the video first.

There’s an interactive game and quiz to complete which highlights the hazards and dangers of fireworks and bonfires. There is a section dedicated to Primary schools and a separate section for Secondary schools. Due to the nature of the content, please make sure young people only use the materials relevant to their age group.

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