About Our School

Dounby Community School is a primary school on the West Mainland of Orkney. The school was extended in August 2000 to provide a wide range of facilities for the local community in addition to providing primary education for the children of the parishes of Birsay, Harray and Sandwick. The school is a local authority, non-denominational school run by Orkney Islands Council. The school has six classes, five composite classes and one class that is of a single year cohort. There is an attached nursery which is run by an onsite manager who is line managed directly by the Education Department in Kirkwall.

The school has strong links with Stromness Academy, the secondary school to which almost all of the children transfer following their Primary 7 year. The two schools work closely on a range of transition projects to support pupils moving to the secondary sector.

Class sizes at Dounby Community School are presently between 20 and 24 pupils in a class.

Most children travel to and from school by minibus. The minibuses are operated by private contractors who provide a service organised by Orkney Islands Council. Children begin to arrive at school from 08.45 a.m. when playground supervision begins and school begins at 09.20 a.m. At the end of the school day at 3.25 p.m. most children board minibuses again to take them home. The last minibus runs usually leave school at about 3.45 p.m. children are supervised on the playground until they board their minibus to take them home.

The school runs a number of activities for children outside of its core opening hours. These take place before and after school or at lunchtime. Current activities include football, netball and badminton. In addition further activities are run through the community facility and these include two youth clubs, and football and rugby training.

Headteacher: Alastair Forsyth

Contact information:
Dounby Community School
KW17 2JA
Tel: 01856 771 234
Fax: 01856 771 701
email: admin.dounby@glow.orkneyschools.org.uk
blogspot: http://dounbycommunityschool.blogspot.com